GLOW Shimmer Oil , $ 38.00


Shimmer Oil

GLOW is a custom-blended dry oil that leaves skin radiant, with a luxurious lightness and shine that naturally enhances sun-kissed skin.

We Are COCONUT Based

Important: May stain light-coloured clothes


GLOW’s rich blend of organic jojoba, sweet almond, cucumber seed, coconut and cocoa oils (with a natural boost of Vitamin E) offers deep nourishment and all-day hydration. Skin stays silky and soft, with a light sugar-cookie scent.


Apply directly to cheekbones, shoulder or neckline, or mix with a small amount of lotion or body oil and apply anywhere your body needs a touch of shimmering moisture. To enhance your tan, apply COCOSOLIS’ CHOCO, then use GLOW to highlight as desired.

Note: Apply only to bare skin, as some of GLOW’s shimmer may transfer to light-coloured clothes.


Makes the skin soft and gentle to the touch. Helps to retain moisture in the skin and restore its protective functions against drying and peeling. Absorbs easily – no greasy layer on the skin.

An excellent moisturizer that softens the skin, making it smoother than ever before. Penetrates deeply and restores skin cells. Naturally rich in vitamin E and a number of other vitamins and minerals. With its healing properties it nourishes the tissue and improves skin regeneration.

Improves your tan, preserves the skin’s elasticity, softens and nourishes. Stimulates renewal of the epidermis and effectively combats stretch marks. Not too oily, and absorbs easily.

Penetrates deeply and stimulates the growth and regeneration of new cells. Wonderful rejuvenating properties. Acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothes and enriches the skin with natural vitamins and minerals. Balances the production of sebum and prevents the appearance of acne.

Lightly, gently and quickly absorbed, this valuable oil helps restore the skin’s natural water balance and significantly improves its elasticity, slowing down the ageing process. Smoothes the skin’s surface and gives it a healthy glow.

Powerful regenerating effects, stimulating cell renewal and restoring the moisture and freshness of the skin. Makes it resistant to drying and wrinkles.

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