Suntan & Body Oil

Organic oil for quick deep tan, hydrated and radiant skin every day


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Why choose MANGO Suntan & Body Oil

  • For a quick, smooth and deep tan at the beach or in the solarium.
  • Hydrates, tightens and nourishes your skin daily.
  • A special mix of raw, natural organic oils, enriched with vitamin E.
  • Suitable for delicate or sensitive skin.
  • A natural source of vitamins, minerals, bio-active ingredients and antioxidants.
  • With a tempting sweet aroma of tropical mango

NOTE: The oil does not contain a sunscreen UV filter. When exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to use in combination with a sunscreen product. The product is not a self-tanner. Excessive sun exposure poses a serious threat to health.


Inspired by exotic vacays, created with natural ingredients and delivering visible results.

MANGO Suntan & Body Oil helps you quickly obtain a quick, deep tan at the beach or in the solarium. Every day it intensively nourishes and hydrates the skin, making it silky smooth, soft, strong and shiny.

A natural product created from high-quality organic cold-pressed oils, mixed with love and good vibes, respecting both nature and people.

Thanks to its pure ingredients, it gives the skin the most precious gift that you can get from nature while its captivating mango scent will take you to a tropical island.

“Try it! COCOSOLIS is here, to excite you, to make you different, exotic. COCOSOLIS is an emotion, you will remember…and wish to repeat again and again…”

MANGO Suntan & Body Oil, £ 24.00


MANGO Suntan & Body Oil,£ 24.00


This oil helps you quickly achieve a deep, long-lasting tan, and at the same time helps the skin to retain its moisture, keeping it soft, smooth, shiny and elastic. Use it at the beach or in the solarium, on your face or on your body.


Intensively nourishing, moisturizing and rejuvenating. Applied daily, it makes the skin stronger, smoother and more elastic. For best results, apply immediately after a shower, when the skin is still damp or wet and the pores are open and ready to absorb the clean raw oils.


Use as a relaxing massage oil, or as a mask for more intensive care of your skin.
Spread a generous quantity of the oil on your skin, and leave it for at least 30 minutes to take effect. Rinse and dry gently with a towel.

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2 products of your choice
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A typical ingredient of COCOSOLIS products, coconut oil is one of the best natural oils. Its small molecular structure makes it very easily absorbed by the skin. It helps you quickly achieve an even, smooth tan. At the same time, it nourishes the skin and helps it retain moisture. It protects against spots caused by the sun or by ageing. Exceptionally rich in natural antioxidants, it stimulates the production of collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.


Cocoa butter has a delicate chocolate fragrance and is a wonderful “food” for the skin. It is organic, cold-pressed and unrefined, which contributes to forming an even, deep and healthy tan, protecting the skin from the damaging effects of the sun and the wind and providing quick relief for dry and irritated skin. The butter is naturally rich in vitamin E and many other vitamins and minerals. Its medicinal properties nourish the skin and improve the regeneration of the cells, effectively preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Mango butter

Mango butter increases the elasticity, flexibility, radiance and natural glow of the skin, while reducing the appearance of dark spots and fine lines. Its high content of vitamins and antioxidants nourishes the skin and gives it wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, which make it an effective soothing agent for sensitive skin and skin affected by dryness, eczema or dermatitis. Mango butter is an ideal ingredient in suncare products. Protects the skin from stressors and damage caused by excessive exposure to harmful UV radiation. Restores and maintains the level of moisture in the skin and enhances cell regeneration, thus giving a rejuvenated and revitalized look.


The precious organic oil from jojoba has excellent renewal properties, stimulating the regeneration and growth of new cells. It has anti-inflammatory properties and relaxes and enriches the skin with its essential natural vitamins and minerals. It balances the production of sebum and prevents the appearance of acne. This wonderful oil creates an invisible moisturizing “film” on the skin.


The organic oil from sweet almond improves the tanning of the skin, softening and nourishing it in the process. It soothes the skin after sunburn, additionally protecting it from losing moisture. The oil is a natural moisturizer, even suitable for easily irritated or delicate skin, since it is not too fatty and is quickly absorbed. It stimulates the renewal of the epidermis, effectively protects against stretch marks and maintains the skin’s elasticity.


Vitamin E is produced naturally by the skin to keep it healthy and elastic, not prone to drying or wrinkles and resistant to infections and diseases. It is also a natural preservative and an antioxidant, well known for its ability to fight free radicals. This valuable vitamin has a powerful regenerating effect, stimulating cell renewal. It also has a moisturizing effect, restoring the moisture and freshness of the skin.

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Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Coconut Alkanes, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil*, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter*,  Mangifera Indica Seed Butter*, Tocopherol, Aroma, Alpha-Hexylcinnamal**, Limonene**
(Coconut Oil*, Emollient from Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Cacao Butter*, Mango Butter*, Natural Vitamin Е, Mango Aroma**)

*Certified Organic Ingredients
**Aroma ingredients


99.5% Natural ingredients 100% of the oils in MANGO Suntan & Body Oil are certified organic, raw and cold pressed


This product has no UV filter. We recommend using the oil in combination with other UV protective products for prolonged exposure to the sun. The product is not a self-tanner.


Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. The product hardens at low temperatures. To make it liquid again, leave it at room temperature.

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Bulgaria Bulgaria

I haven't tested it yet, but it smells very nice and the packaging is really good.

Bulgaria Bulgaria
Smells Delicious!

I love this tan. It looks very beautiful despite my pale skin. And product smells - mmm, delicious.

V G.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Perfect tan and skin!

Perfect tan and skin are achieved with a little help. With Mango, this happened very quickly.

Marie T.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Convincing results!

I am very impressed with the texture, the way it works and the tan I made. I was prejudiced at first, but the results convinced me.

J P.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Great skin

I tried it and found that Mango makes my skin great. I will buy it again, not only because of the aroma.


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