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Welcome to our website (“COCOSOLIS.COM”). Please read our policy of confidentiality carefully, as it applies every time you visit our website and take advantage of our services whether or not you buy products. Also, please read our Terms of Use of, as they contain important information regarding the systems for the safety of the website. This policy of confidentiality will present to you all the information, which will be useful for you to understand how we collect and use the information, which identifies the users of COCOSOLIS.COM.

Administrator of data

The administrator of data, which is processed from this site is PURMERUL Ltd, which is situated in Bulgaria, 4002 Plovdiv, 22 Liuleburgas Str., fl. 4, ap. 9, UIC 201172065, tax registry number and VAT number BG201172065 (later called “COCOSOLIS.COM”). The administrator defines the objectives and methods for processing the information, as well as the procedures for safety, which apply in order to guarantee their confidentiality, entirety, and presence.

Optional or obligatory rendering of data

Ensuring your personal data at COCOSOLIS.COM, asked for at different places on the cite, is necessary, in order to obtain the objectives enlisted at specific places. This data can be mandatory, which is marked with the symbol (*), placed next to the field with information.
Every refusal to provide such data at COCOSOLIS.COM, when it is marked as mandatory, makes the main objective of this operation impossible: such a refusal could, for example, make it impossible for COCOSOLIS.COM to complete the order or to provide other services, which COCOSOLIS.COM provides.

How and why we process your personal data

Your personal data is mainly processed electronically via COCOSOLIS.COM and by third parties, which are selected due to their integrity and experience taking actions, which are of basic importance for our objectives, closely related with the usage of the website and its services for purchasing products.

The data is processed in order to do the following services, which are accessible when accessing our site:

  1. Performing orders and related actions- for this objective we obtain your: name, address, phone number, email;
  2. Registration or subscription for our bulletin, as well as getting information about our new products or promotions- for this objective we obtain your name and e-mail;
  3. Your likes with your friends via your profiles on social media sites;
  4. Management of payments, including the control for fighting fraud in cases when paying with credit/debit cards- for this purpose we transfer the gathered information for accomplishing the transaction, after which we save it with us;
  5. Management of your questions: technical, commercial, regarding the status of your order, as well as requests for information, in the broad sense of the word;
  6. Access by our specialists (media department, business development, web marketing, purchasing department, customer service.)
  7. Sending, after your consent, information for marketing purposes, commercial messages via different channels as well as with the help of traditional methods (paper mail, telephone).
  8. Sending commercial offers, for example, that are in line with your interests, after your consent, for purposes linked to profiling and improving your experiences navigating our website by using cookies, recent purchases, and so on.

When processing data, which can directly or indirectly identify you, we aim to follow the principle of strict necessity. That is why we have made the cite in a way, where using your personal data is reduced to a minimum. The processing of your data is off when the realization of your objectives can be accomplished by using anonymous data.

COCOSOLIS.COM reserves the right to remove user profiles and all associated data in the event that illegal content, content harmful to the image of COCOSOLIS.COM and / or its products or those third parties, or content, which is offensive or promotes illegal or defamatory activities, pornographic content, content that incites people to violence that promotes discrimination in respect to race, sex, religion or sexual orientation.

The principles on which our policy for confidentiality is based are:
  1. Processing of data is solely for the purposes, and in accordance with the methods, illustrated in the information presented when the data are collected;
  2. Use of the data for additional purposes only when the user has explicitly given consent (eg sending promotions, etc.);
  3. Data is accessed by third parties only for purposes that are essential to the service requested (for example, to banks, couriers). These are the only organizations that are the data controllers;
  4. We always perform requests to delete, modify or add the provided data;
  5. Ensuring correct and lawful data management, protection of users’ personal data, and the application of appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data provided.
How long we store your information

Data storage continues as long as we have a reason to store it. For example, our user has given his/her consent to collect and process information about it.
We apply the following terms for storing the different types of personal data according to their purpose:
The information related to the purchase made – within 5 years of the initial collection;
Information for marketing purposes that you have voluntarily provided to us within 2 years of the initial collection and subsequent consent for its use.
For the purpose of measuring user behavior on the site – based on the period of validity of the cookie being enrolled, but not more than one year.

What cookies we use


Cookie name What does the cookie do? How long it is stored
PHPSESSID Service cookie that identifies a user session. Runs from PHP programming language, does not store personal data for you. We use it to store service information. Until the browser is closed or you leave
mc_landing_site A service cookie that identifies the first page at you saw during your visit. One week after you enter the site
_ga Google cookie used to identify you as a user. It allows us to know how many and what pages you have visited, what content a user viewed and what activities he did on the site (such as clicks on a button) to analyze the effectiveness of Related privacy policy: 2 years after you enter the site

Google cookie used to identify you as a user. It allows us to understand how our users use the website by generating analytics data.

Related privacy policy:

24 hours after you log in

Google Service Cookie, used to limit the collection of information from high-traffic sites at the peak of their visit. Does not collect personal information. It could also be called _dc_gtm_XXXXXXXXXXX

Related privacy policy:

1 minute

Contains a token that can be used to retrieve a client ID from the AMP Client ID service.

Related privacy policy:

30 seconds to 1 year

Contains information related to COCOSOLIS advertising campaign on Google Ads from which you visited

Related privacy policy:

90 days

Used by Google Analytics to indicate if you are part of an experiment related to the content of the site. We do such experiments to make even more convenient.

Related privacy policy:

18 months

Used by Google Analytics to indicate when an experiment related to the content of the site you are a part of, ends

Related privacy policy:

18 months

Used by Google Optimize to indicate if you are part of an experiment related to the content of the site. We do such experiments to make even more convenient.

Related privacy policy:

Up to 90 days
_opt_awcid, _opt_awmid, _opt_awgid, _opt_awkid

Used by Google Optimize to indicate if you are part of a site content experiment and have visited from a Google Ads campaign. We do such experiments to make even more convenient.

Related privacy policy:

24 hours

Used by Google Optimize to indicate if you are part of a site content experiment and have visited from a Google Ads campaign. Stores the last utm parameter used to identify a Google Analytics campaign

Related privacy policy:

24 hours
tk_ai Jetpack cookie (WordPress service). Stores any string used to identify an unique user. 2 days

This cookie helps us display the most relevant and adequate ads to visitors when they are on Facebook or other platforms running Facebook Advertising

Related privacy policy:

2 years
wp_woocommerce_session_ХХХХХХ The cookie contains information identifying the client and the time-out for the session. For guest buyers (unregistered and / or unauthorized users), this is a randomly generated cryptographic ID. 48 hours
woocommerce_items_in_cart It records whether your shopping cart has products and what they are. 1 day
woocommerce_cart_hash Stores a coded string representing the contents of your shopping cart. 1 day
cookie_notice_accepted Stores a coded string representing the contents of your shopping cart. 1 month
Your rights

You are always entitled to receive information from COCOSOLIS.COM regarding the way your personal information is used.
You are also entitled to receive information from COCOSOLIS.COM about the source of your personal data; the purposes and manner of processing your personal information; the logic applied for processing by electronic means; the categories of companies to which personal data may be transmitted.

You are always entitled to receive from

(a) updating, correcting, supplementing your personal data;
(b) cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, the blocking or deletion of personal data processed in violation of law, including data not required to be stored for the purposes for which the data is collected or further processed;

You have the right to object, partially or wholly:

(a) for legitimate reasons behind the processing of personal data relative to you, even if they are relevant to the purpose for which they are collected;
(b) in the processing of personal data relating to the purpose of sending advertising or direct marketing material, or to complete a market survey or communication business activities.

You may exercise your rights freely and at any time by sending a written request to COCOSOLIS.COM by email [email protected] and we will immediately respond to you.
To ensure that your personal data is always true, up-to-date, relevant, and complete, please let us know about the changes that have occurred in our email [email protected].

Who do we share your personal information with

Sometimes we save parts of the information on our servers or we send it to third parties.
This is necessary in order for us to be able to provide you with the best experience when using our services, and sometimes for being able to ensure availability and accessibility of the service you use at all. These companies do not have the right to independently share this data.

At this time, some of the entities, which process your personal data are as follows:

  1. The courier company that deals with processing the data necessary for the transport, delivery, and return of goods purchased on our website;
  2. The bank institution or company processing credit card information.

  1. Google with its own products: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, AdSense

  1. Klaviyo
  1. Facebook

  1. Instagram

  1. SalesRay ERP
Security measures

We take adequate security measures to minimize the risks of destruction or loss, including accidental, of data, unauthorized access or unauthorized processing that does not comply with the data collection objectives set forth in our Privacy Policy.
When we store the information with us, it is physically stored on servers, collocated in data storage centers on the territory of Europe.
We restrict access to this information for you by employees acting under our authority except in cases where there are reasonable grounds for dealing with that information in order to provide you with services or in relation to the work performed by those employees.
We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with our legal obligations to protect your information.

However, COCOSOLIS.COM can not guarantee to users that the site security measures taken will exclude any risk of access without the consent or dissemination of data from devices belonging to the user: we advise you to make sure that your computer is safe (by taking measures such as an antivirus upgrade) and that your ISP has taken appropriate network security measures for data transmission (such as, for example, itni walls and spam filters). At COCOSOLIS.COM, every purchase is made with the utmost security, thanks to the use of advanced technology coding systems (SSL).

Links to other websites

Our site contains links to other websites that may not have any contact with us.
COCOSOLIS.COM does not control or perform any surveillance operations on these websites and their content.
COCOSOLIS.COM can not be held responsible for the content of these sites and the rules that they have adopted, including your privacy, and the processing of your personal information during your visit of these sites. We therefore ask you to be careful when contacting these sites through the links on our site and carefully read their terms of use and privacy policy. Our confidentiality policy does not apply to third party sites. Our site provides links to these sites only to assist the user in his search, as well as to provide hypertext links to other sites.

Modification and updating of COCOSOLIS Privacy Policy

COCOSOLIS may modify or simply update any or all of the site’s privacy policy, including taking into account changes to legal regulations or regulations that govern this subject and protect your rights. Changes and updates to the Privacy Policy will be mandatory as soon as they are published on the Web site. So please check this section regularly to post the latest and up-to-date Privacy Policy.

Admin Contacts:

Purmerul Ltd., 1407 Sofia, 53V Vaptsarov blvd , tel: +359 2 862 11 64

Data Protection Officer: [email protected]

Last updates: May, 2018.