Over many years, we gained experience in a wide range of areas, including art, design, photography, marketing, management and law. We learned to appreciate the professionalism in our lives, but we never stopped having fun.

Our passion brought us together and motivated us to seek love and truth. Our attitude to the surrounding world started to change, as did our way of thinking, and even our way of eating.

One morning, with the rising sun, we realized we were ready to create COCOSOLIS, driven by the wish to create something new and different, healthy and beautiful, evoking excitement and emotion, with uncompromising quality and purity, yet with a responsibility to people and nature.
We make our products in the same way we would for ourselves and our loved ones.

Our products

We believe we should develop only genuinely healthy, organic and completely natural products. We choose to live in truth and love and to share this with the world, to provide a positive experience for everybody.

We have succeeded in creating a natural product, with care and attention to every single detail. We double-check the natural origins of each ingredient; all our raw and essential oils are certified organic and are sourced from internationally approved companies.

…Just days after starting, we succeeded to make many of our clients happy and realised that each one of them had become a special friend of ours.
Well, be careful what you wish for, because sometimes your wish becomes your reality! The road ahead is exciting, but it also brings responsibilities.

Never forget to do the best you are capable of for everyone! We strive for continuous improvement, seeking what is good and healthy for nature, for people and for all creatures.

It has been a long journey, but also an exciting and stimulating one, which we have willingly taken together, at each other’s side, and which we now hope to share with you.

With love,

Bet & Plam


Our products are created with unfailing attention to every detail of every ingredient to achieve uncompromising quality and loads of positive energy. They give the skin something real and pure, straight from Nature. We choose each ingredient carefully – based on where it comes from, how it is grown, how it is harvested and how it is processed.


All of our oils are cold-pressed from raw seeds and nuts. This method of production preserves the maximum amount of natural nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and biologically active substances to truly nourish the skin and hair. We never use refined or synthetic mineral oils.


Our products are highly effective, not just because they contain only high-quality raw materials, but also because the ingredients make sense together, complementing each other to provide the best of what the skin and hair need, with a strength that comes only from natural oils.


Following our policy of respect for the environment and humanity and the creation of a sustainable culture for nature conservation, our packaging is created from recyclable materials. The bottle we use for our products is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), the cap and pump are made of polypropylene (PP). They are 100% recyclable and after processing they are used to produce plastic household products. The ring of the bottle is wooden.


We source our oils from different parts of the world – selected specially for you with great care and attention. Our oils are always natural, cultivated by organic farming, then cold-pressed. Each ingredient comes to you in its purest form, free from any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or environmentally damaging chemicals.

Coconut Oil, one of the best natural oils and typical ingredient of COCOLISOLIS products, comes from Sri Lanka and is cultivated using the methods of organic farming in clean soil, without synthetic fertilisers or environmentally damaging chemicals and pesticides
Cocoa, as always, is cold-pressed and made its way from Peru. The Jojoba comes from Uruguay.
The avocado oil is grown and pressed in Kenya, the almond – in Spain, and the Argan oil – from Morocco.
The priceless hydrating oil from cucumber and the fragrant thick oil of Tamanu come from India.
The Camellia also comes from Asia.
We combine everything with care in our COCOSOLIS kitchen, full of love and good vibes …just for you!


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