After Sun Oil

Organic oil for tender hydration and recovery after sun exposure.

770 Kč

110 ML

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COOL After Sun Oil, 770 Kč
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Why choose COOL After Sun Oil

  • Soothes the skin after exposure to the sun or solarium, moisturizing it deeply, revitalizing and nourishing it.
  • Applied daily, it makes your skin silky smooth, soft, tight and elastic.
  • Raw, natural, organic ingredients only.
  • A special mix of nine raw, natural, organic oils, enriched with vitamin E.
  • Suitable for delicate or sensitive skin.
  • A natural source of vitamins, minerals, bio-active ingredients and antioxidants.
  • Fresh minty aroma.


Expect tenderly hydrated and regenerated skin. COOL After Sun Oil soothes the skin after exposure to the sun or solarium, moisturising it in depth, revitalising and nourishing it. Applied daily, it makes your skin silky, smooth, soft, tight and elastic. COOL After Sun Oil contains mint oil to refresh, Calendula oil for intensive revitalisation, Argan and Cucumber oil for hydration, and many other precious nourishing oils.

Absolutely natural and specially formulated, it contains only high-quality, raw, cold-pressed organic oils. It has an aromatherapy effect, thanks to the mint oil.

„Aromatické a jemné na kůži, bude se o ni pečovat, bude tonizovat vaši mysl, uvolní vaše svaly, probudí všechny vaše smysly a otevře vaše čakry… a teď, uvolněte se, vnímejte vůni…“



A completely natural product to revitalize your skin deeply and quickly restore its lost moisture. The mint oil will cool and gently soothe you. Apply gently onto the skin after washing. Massage using a circular motion until the oil is absorbed. For best results, apply immediately after a shower, when the pores are open and ready to absorb the pure raw oils.


Applied daily, COCOSOLIS COOL After Sun Oil intensively hydrates the skin, revitalizes it and makes it tighter, smoother and more elastic. It also refreshes your mind, thanks to the cool fragrance of mint. Apply a generous amount of the oil either before bed or during the day, leaving it on for at least 30 minutes. Avoid contact with eyes.


Use as a massage oil with a refreshing and stimulating effect on the brain. The essential mint oil relieves muscle pain, general pain and headache. It also helps with problems of the respiratory tract.



Calendula medical oil has a strong soothing and revitalising effects on the skin after long exposure to sun. It restores lost moisture and prevents drying and ageing. It stimulates the regeneration of skins cells, improves circulation, and reduces irritation. It protects sensitive skin from the damaging effect of the environment- wind and sunshine. Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties it helps soothe a variety of skin problems, burns and insect bites.


Known as “the liquid qold of Morocco”, argan oil is a popular beauty product and often used in after sun products. It revitalizes the skin after exposure to the elements, protecting it from the drying effects of the sun and the wind, and its potent antioxidants slow down the ageing process. It renews and rejuvenates the skin and the hair and is an excellent moisturizer, keeping the skin soft and smooth as silk and relaxing sensitive and problematic skin.


Renowned for its moisturizing quality, the oil from cucumber seeds is an outstanding cosmetic for caring for the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun. It is an excellent natural treatment even after sunburn. Gentle, cooling and quickly absorbed, this precious oil helps revitalize the skin and significantly improves its elasticity, slowing down the ageing process. It helps cells to regenerate, making the skin soft and smooth. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, oleic acid and linoleic acid, it protects against the effects of free radicals and neutralizes the damaging effect of exposure to the elements.


A typical ingredient of COCOSOLIS products, coconut oil is one of the best natural oils. Its small molecular structure makes it very easily absorbed by the skin. It helps you quickly achieve an even, smooth tan. At the same time, it nourishes the skin and helps it retain moisture. It protects against spots caused by the sun or by ageing. Exceptionally rich in natural antioxidants, it stimulates the production of collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.


Cocoa butter has a delicate chocolate fragrance and is a wonderful “food” for the skin. It is organic, cold-pressed and unrefined, which contributes to forming an even, deep and healthy tan, protecting the skin from the damaging effect of the sun and the wind and provides quick relief for dry and irritated skin. The butter is naturally rich in vitamin E and many other vitamins and minerals. With its medical properties, the oil nourishes the tissues and improves the regeneration of the skin and effectively prevents the appearance of stretch marks.


Special, completely natural ingredients with a light texture ensure quick and easy absorption of the oils. With excellent moisturizing properties. Refined from high-quality olive oil.


Hemp oil is produced from pressed hemp seeds. Known to be a super food, it is one of the most perfect and balanced oils on the planet, rich in natural Omega 3 and Omega 6 in optimal proportions. It moisturizes even the driest and most problematic skin, regenerates the cells and gives you an even tan. It has incomparable anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties and is an ideal anti-wrinkle cure.


The precious organic oil from jojoba has excellent renewal properties, stimulating the regeneration and growth of new cells. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and relaxes and enriches the skin with its essential natural vitamins and minerals. It balances the production of sebum and prevents the appearance of acne. This wonderful oil creates an invisible moisturizing “film” on the skin.


Vitamin E is produced naturally by the skin to keep it healthy and elastic, not prone to drying or wrinkles and resistant to infections and diseases. It is also a natural preservative and an antioxidant, well known for its ability to fight free radicals. This valuable vitamin has a powerful regenerating effect, stimulating cell renewal. It also has a moisturizing effect, restoring the moisture and freshness of the skin.

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A mix of cold-pressed oils from Coconut*, Calendula*, Jojoba*, Cocoa*, Cucumber*, Argan*, Hemp*, Olive Squalene, Natural Vitamin E and Essential Mint Oil.
*certified organic ingredients

100% natural ingredients,
94% certified organic, raw and cold-pressed ingredients


This product has no UV filter.


Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. The product hardens at low temperatures. To make it liquid again, leave it at room temperature for a while.


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